DuPont engineers are creative problem-solvers who are driving the latest advancements in science and engineering to solve the world’s most challenging, complex problems.?

Our engineers use their expertise, ingenuity and discipline to meet new technical challenges—from research and development to plant scale-up and operations—in a constant drive to set ever-higher standards of excellence.?

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“We see a future made better through our powerful innovation engine.”

Alexa Dembek, SVP, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer | Wilmington, DE


Internships & Early Career Development

Get the real-world experience you need to start the engineering career you’ve always wanted.?

DuPont offers recent engineering graduates diverse and rewarding opportunities to put what they’ve learned into practice. For talented individuals who want to collaborate on making vital breakthroughs, this is the place for you.?

Awards & Recognition

National Academy of Engineering Inductee, 2018

Peter Trefonas, corporate fellow in Electronics & Imaging, was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering for his significant inventions in microelectronics.

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